1.  Commit to Making a Real Difference

Everyone can help protect our world's ocean. Small changes we make in our everyday lives can add up and have a big positive impact on the health of our seas. By taking The 7 Cs Pledge and committing to make a real difference you can protect the ocean, its incredible inhabitants, and even your own community. There are big challenges facing our ocean right now including climate change, ocean acidification, pollution, and overfishing, but these challenges are not insurmountable. We can all take steps and turn the tide for our seas!

The term "Seven Seas" has been used for centuries as a general description for all the oceans of the world. The 7 Cs Pledge uses this play on words to help us all remember how each of us can make decisions in our daily lives for the benefit of our planet's future.

  • Read the other Cs and take The Pledge to start protecting our ocean today!



Take The Seven Cs Pledge to Protect our Ocean

I Promise to:

Commit to making a real difference
Conserve in my home
Consume consciously
Communicate my interests and concerns
Challenge myself daily
Connect in my community
Celebrate our Ocean!

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